November 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

The weather is taking a serious turn as the leaves turn orange, yellow and red. The sorority girls are apple picking, the pumpkin patches are on every street corner and Starbuck’s famous pumpkin spice latte is back in season. That’s when you know: fall is finally here.

There’s nothing better than your favorite fall scarf. Around campus this season, I’ve seen an infinite amount of blanket scarves. Blanket scarves are so big they could even be used as a blanket! They’re what I call the three magic c’s (chunky, cozy and comfortable), and they just might be my favorite trend of the fall season this year.

These blanket scarves can be used as scarves, capes, shawls and even a blanket. There are so many different ways you can wear a blanket scarf. First try out the no-tie tie. It doesn’t get much easier than this. Just drape the scarf around your neck, and you’re good to go! This look is perfect for when you want to showcase your long necklace or when you’re wearing a simple outfit that you want to break up with a pattern or color.

Another scarf idea is the button-hole tie. All you have to do is fold your scarf in half and drape it around your neck. Then, open up the folded center to create a button-hole, and ease the the tails through the hole. This style works when your hair is up, or preferably, when the weather is icy and bitter.

Next, you can try the simple knot tie. Just drape it around your neck and tie it in a basic knot. This looks vitalizes up a casual outfit with leggings and a tee.

My favorite scarf trend is the backwards wrap tie, which happens to be the look I am wearing in the photographs above. For this look, drape your scarf around your neck so that the center is against your throat and the tails fall down your back. Then, take the tails from your back and bring them across your shoulders so that they fall down your chest. There are two options for this look. You can either keep it wrapped tightly for a professional feel, or you can loosen the scarf from around your neck for a more leisure and slack look. This style substitutes your favorite scarf to wear instead of a statement necklace.

Other fun ideas are to wear your blanket scarf as a cape by draping it over your shoulders to look extra chic and stylish. You can also throw your scarf over just one shoulder to give off an easygoing, trendy vibe. You can even try folding your scarf around your neck into a shawl. With all of these blanket scarf options to try, you’ll never run out of ideas and outfits this fall!