STYLE GURU STYLE: Black, White and Red All Over

Happy New Year Fashionistas!

Along with resolutions, January also brought on the cold. My biggest struggle during these cold winter months (trekking through three feet of snow aside) is figuring out how to not sacrifice warmth for style. It’s easy, if you’re a Midwest Fashionista like me, to get lost in six layers of sweaters and forget that you don’t actually look like a snowman eight months out of the year.

The Diesel Black Gold fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection has solved all of my problems. Designer Andreas Melbostad’s collection combines turtlenecks, sturdy outerwear, and, of course, lots of leather to create stylish winter looks that don’t forget about keeping you warm. Melbostad’s collection features layered all-black looks that don’t sacrifice shape, proving that cold weather doesn’t mean you have to choose between one or the other.

For my look, I incorporated the collection’s most prevalent elements: black, leather and turtlenecks. The first item I reached for was my favorite leather jacket, which I’m notorious for pairing with absolutely everything, from T-shirts to dresses. Leather jackets are a great investment, especially if you’re from a colder climate—they instantly add a cool look to any outfit.

Since the winter is already dreary enough, I chose to break up all the black with a thick white ribbed turtleneck and a classic red lip for a nice pop of color.

I finished it all off by paying a little homage to the collection’s name with some gold jewelry.

Get My Look: 1. Leather jacket. 2. White turtleneck. 3. Combat boots.