STYLE GURU STYLE: Black, White and Lace

Leave it to the French to make lingerie look tasteful! After stumbling upon Céline’s spring 2016 line, I was smitten with the way the designer transformed black and white slip dresses into street style. The collection consists of almost exclusively black and white garb, billowy trousers and lacy tops under un-zipped leather jackets. Menswear in glossy blacks and stark whites dominate the runway, paired with lace intricate bottom layers. The spring sollection is a completely new take on silk and lace, and I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.

This high fashion look is translatable into any wardrobe. Stores like Zara and Women’s Secret have designed versatile nightwear that is conservative enough to layer under sweaters and jackets without drawing unwarranted attention. Silk garments add a level of femininity to a casual look, and can even be worn under chambray shirts or flannels.

I love European street style because it always prompts me to take risks. After repeatedly spotting passerby in outfits like that of Céline’s collection, I went to a small boutique in the center of Madrid and bought a silk tank top. Today I paired it with a peplum leather jacket from Zara, black leggings and my adidas Superstars. Like Céline’s runway models, I embraced the contrast of femininity and edginess by pairing lace with leather and casual sneakers. This outfit is comfortable and flexible for a day of walking the city. Let Céline’s runway look inspire you this spring. It’s the perfect way to show how dressing down is the new dressing up. Merci, Céline!

Get My Look: 1. Silk tank top. 2. Leather jacket. 3. adidas Superstars.