STYLE GURU STYLE: Black on Black

This winter has been a mix of weird weather combinations. One day it could be so freezing, I am an icicle by the time I get to class. While on other days, I am confused at what season it really is. It is so difficult to dress for class in the winter because by the time you get to class, you are sweating from your sprint across campus, but you have layer upon layer to take off when you sit down at your desk. To deal with the daily weather changes, I found inspiration from Christian Dior’s pre-fall 2016 collection. Dior’s collection contains layering strategies that are perfect to transform off the runway this winter.

As there was no set theme or mood for the collection, there was similarities throughout the collection with either a random pop of color or a unique add-in. The pieces, however, made a “keep calm, and carry on” statement. In my translation of this runway collection, I kept it simple and opted for all-black tones. I wore black high-waisted jeans, a black textured T-shirt and for my statement piece, I chose a black suede, fur vest and my favorite over-the-knee boots. I added a slight pop of color with my black cherry lipstick.

My favorite part about this outfit is that it is a perfect outfit for indoors and outdoor. The vest keeps me warm, but as I go into my classes, it still keeps me cool enough. A vest such as this is the answer for the spring weather in February. The all-black look creates a slick but bold look that will always make you stand out on campus.

Get My Look: 1. Black Ripped High-Waisted Jeans. 2. Textured Black Tee. 3. Suede Fur Vest.