STYLE GURU STYLE: Black Is Colorful Don't You Think?

It’s safe to say that my style is constantly changing. I could be wearing a dress and heels one day and looking like a total tomboy in jeans and sneakers the next. Though my style of dress can vary by mood and season, my preference for monochromatic colors never ventures. As of late, I’ve been wearing more black than I typically do. As a college senior, I’m essentially walking (more like wobbling) on the edge of childhood and actual adulthood. Sure, I’ve been living on my own for the last three years, but I have also been shamelessly frequenting my parents’ house for groceries and laundry. Black makes me feel grown-up, put together and confident, so I’ve started collecting pieces in the shade for my big girl wardrobe. Trivial as it may be, I need all the help I can get as I plunge into the real world in the next couple of months. Comfort is another element of dressing that I cannot abandon. My busy schedule as a student and a fashion intern always guarantees a full day of activity—class, work, meetings, socializing—so an outfit that can help me breeze through the hustle is absolutely necessary.

This week’s outfit inspiration comes from Seoul Fashion Week’s Charm’s spring 2016 collection. The grass-lined runway was grazed with black and white ensembles that were a cross between athletic and edgy private school uniform. Loose trousers, collared shirts, pinstripe details, white sneakers and baseball caps were among the key pieces in the collection. The traditionally structured clothing rendered in loose fits appeared both polished and relaxed.

To create a look modeled after the Charm’s collection, I chose a black crepe midi dress as my foundation piece. The leather backpack adds dimension to the all-black look and the white sneakers are a nod to the collection’s choice of footwear. The overall look is both polished and comfortable and can easily take me from one activity to the next.

Get My Look: 1. Black crepe midi dress. 2. Black leather backpack. 3. White sneakers.