STYLE GURU STYLE: Black Bottoms and Denim

January 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

The recent A.L.C. pre-fall 2015 collection by Andrea Lieberman is simple, yet elegant. After looking into the different trends, I was inspired by the sophistication and versatility in her collection. The color combination was mostly neutrals with some reds, yellows and blues. The assortment of apparel in this distinct collection includes basic trousers, denim tops, simple dresses, midi skirts with buckle details and sweaters. The styles demonstrate the notion of casual luxury with the understanding of modern fashion trends and can be recreated and worn on the daily.

I translated this look by turning it into something I could see myself wearing for a weekend outing or just around campus. In my personal look, I kept the black bottoms. Instead of the trousers that were displayed in the collection, I chose to wear leather leggings. Similarly, to the A.L.C. collection, I incorporated my leggings with a loose denim top and added black wedge shoes, a zipper shoulder bag and a silver watch with a bracelet as the accessory to my look.

I found that pairing a denim top with a black bottom is easy to do and can be worn almost anywhere. Whether your black bottoms are leggings, trousers or jeans they are a must-have, and adding the perfect denim top will make your outfit stand out. The A.L.C. pre-fall 2015 collection showed me that sometimes all it takes is two pieces to give you the look you need!

Get My Look: 1. Black bottoms. 2. A denim top. 3. Stylish wedges.