STYLE GURU STYLE: Black Attitude

In a world where black will never go out of style, designers must continuously reinvent how they can make their collections stand out. Alexander Wang gave his customers what they desired and made black the inspiration for his fall 2015 collection. Through the use of high boots, silver chain accents and a lot of leather, Wang created a collection, which according to a review from Nicole Phelps, had,  “Attitude for days.” The edginess and energy from the line is how I was inspired to recreate this look.

The collection incorporates how black is used in goth style and heavy-metal hair bands. While I would not define my look as goth or heavy-metal, I was drawn to the way the collection gave a dangerous edge to such a versatile color. I needed to find my own way to create a look that held the same sense of attitude that my inspired look did.

The centerpiece of my look was the leather motorcycle jacket. With ribbed shoulder pads and a double cut collar, the jacket had the same diverse pattern scheme that the collection held. The presence of multiple zippers and silver buttons, mirrored the usage of zippers and  silver chains on the jacket in the inspired look. I opted for a plain black long sleeve shirt for under the jacket, but added in a marble stone pendant with dangling chains to coincide with my centerpiece. For the bottom portion of the look, I wore black jeans that had multiple pattern stitching on the thighs and a zipper on the ankle. I used black lace-up shoes with a thick heel, to imitate the Frankenstein boots worn on the runway.

Because I always need to add a little something of my own to my look, I wore dangling earrings with a navy diamond center and crystal rock finish. Being a Fashionista in New York City for the day, I rocked my all-black Ray-Ban wayfarers, which really completed my black with attitude look. I love wearing black in a way that is simple but also very detailed. Alexander Wang’s collection used black to create a look that was both rocker-inspired and sophisticated. I’d be lying if I said this look didn’t make me feel like the toughest girl in the city.

Get My Look: 1. A leather motorcycle jacket. 2. A pair of edgy black jeans. 3. Some rocking heeled boots.