STYLE GURU STYLE: Black And Burgundy

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite color is, I immediately blurt out “black.” They tend to respond by informing me that black is in fact not a color, but the absence of color. Regardless, whenever I’m given the choice between color and black, I always end up gravitating towards the absence of color. That’s why, when I first saw the Max Mara pre-fall 2015 collection, I may have gotten a little too excited.

The entire collection mainly consisted of black outfits with a little gray and white thrown in here and there. They closed the show with four bold red monochromatic looks that I could never pull off, but am still obsessed with. The models sported a grunge-inspired wet-look hairstyle with little makeup, besides a bold red lip. Many of the outfits were accompanied by matching beanies to top off the cool-girl grunge look. The outfit that caught my eye was an oversized black, white and gray animal print sweater dress. They topped off the look with knee-high socks, a brown leather bag and black leather heels and gloves.

I decided to recreate this look with my black, white and gray camouflage print sweater. I find that wearing a bold print is a lot easier if it is in neutral tones. My sweater has silver studs on the shoulders, which add to the grunge feel of the outfit. I added a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, some black leather Chelsea boots and I swapped the brown leather bag for a sleek, black leather backpack. To top off this grunge look, I added some deep burgundy lipstick—don’t be afraid of a bold lip for daytime! This look works for many different occasions. Wear it shopping, to class or even for a girl’s night out.

Get My Look: 1. An animal print sweater. 2. A leather backpack. 3. A bold lipstick.