STYLE GURU STYLE: Black and Blues

I’ve always had a love for Japanese culture; that’s probably why I’m minoring in the language. I find Japanese style to be the epitome of fun and chic. Mihara Yasuhiro’s Tokyo spring collection was one of my favorite shows from this year. The outfits in his collection were made up of one uniform color and some form of outerwear, such as blazers, anoraks and bomber jackets.

Now that it’s finally getting cooler here in Florida, I’m able to wear a jacket without having a heat stroke. Inspired by Yasushiro’s spring show, I’m wearing an outfit that is both edgy and sporty. I wanted to dress for cooler weather while still having the option of dressing down if the afternoon reached its usual high of 80 degrees.

To create my own uniform color scheme, I wore my favorite pair of black jeans with a black crop top. The royal blue bomber jacket is the focal point of my outfit and makes me feel ten times cooler than I actually am. Bomber jackets are great for adding some edge to any ensemble. I chose to wear gray Nike’s with my look because I felt like I should at least incorporate one light colored item into my outfit, not to mention they’re also just comfortable.

For my accessories, I kept it minimal with a fun alien-patch baseball cap and a black Michael Kors purse. The bold gold hardware on the purse makes up for my lack of jewelry.

Get My Look: 1. Blue bomber jacket. 2. Gray Nike sneakers. 3. Black jeans.