September 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

The New York summer heat has finally started to dwindle down, but it hasn’t gone away quite yet. With classes beginning, my getting dressed routine have had some minor tweaks to it.

During the warmer months of school, I am normally in something casual with very little makeup on. Like any college student, I like my sleep, but still want to look put together before I go to class or work and see my friends. Being able to throw on a quick mini dress, grab my bag and go, is ideal. With the heat still prominent and my classes blasting the A/C below zero degrees, this forest green mini dress is able to cut down on my morning routine as well as keep me cool while I walk around campus, but warm enough in class.

With this look, I paired my cream adidas gazelles. Not only are they comfy to wear, but they’re perfect if you are on a big campus. As cute as some shoes may be, they’re not going to as cute when they start to make your feet ache and give you blisters on your way to Philosophy. That’s why my adidas have become one of my go-to pair of shoes. Walking to and from classrooms for lectures or club meetings is a breeze without having to compromise style for comfort.

For my book bag, I use this black leather kate spade tote. This bag is perfect for carrying my laptop and all other essential school supplies. Everything is able to fit comfortably without looking through my bag and feeling like a mad woman searching for my wallet or keys.

As the seasons change, so will my style, but that just means I can FINALLY snuggle up in my new Vince Camuto sweaters.