Who says you can’t wear black when it is hot outside? I wear black religiously, which means that I end up sweating a lot after walking a few blocks. However, this can be overcome if you choose the right materials and styles to wear. Dress smart and you can rock the black even when it is scorching outside.

I’m not sure when my black obsession began, but this has made me stick to the basics and keep my wardrobe minimal. I think that it is good in terms of styling because black will literally go well with anything. I really enjoy an all-black or all-white ensemble because they exude a monochromatic simplicity that is very trendy right now.

To me, Calvin Klein embodies that all-American vintage brand people always refer to when we think about American designers. Calvin Klein is one of those brands that people love to wear for their logo. For example, the #mycalvins campaign includes many pieces with the prominent logo shown to demonstrate a modern play on the classic vintage CK styles. I am really diggin’ the sports bras and girls’ boxer briefs that CK has come out with recently because it revives an old school trend with a modern touch and taste. I think that Calvin Klein embodies that effortless, lazy, yet put together style I really resonate with. After being blown away by Calvin Klein’s New York Fashion Week spring 2016 collection, I knew that this monochromatic look was here to stay. The runway consisted of clean-cut, minimalistic pieces that make bold statements without being flamboyant. Their balanced mix of ready-to-wear and high fashion pieces made the runway a memorable one for me.

I wanted to mix and match this otherwise ’90s look with some Y-3 kicks for a modern twist. These shoes go with everything in my wardrobe and I absolutely love wearing these for school because it has that edgy and sporty vibe that I am really into lately.

I dug up this Calvin Klein T-shirt at a local thrift store when I was home in California over the summer. The thrift store has awesome vintage clothing that is unexpectedly cute at surprisingly low prices. There is the stigma with shopping at thrift stores; however, if you thoroughly wash the clothes then there should not be a problem at all. I love going to thrift stores because you will never find the same things each time you go. They always have unique pieces that you cannot buy at a fast fashion store and you never have to worry about someone else having the same clothes as you.

Get My Look: 1. A Calvin Klein T-shirt. 2. Y-3 kicks. 3. A statement watch.