STYLE GURU STYLE: Basics Mixed with Statements

January 19th, 2017 at 2:00am

Hello my fashion lovers! Today’s article is all about taking your most basic staples in your wardrobe and pairing them with your bold statement pieces. Whether your statement piece is a bomb pair of shoes, a crazy pair of patterned bottoms, or a rad leather jacket, you can create a whole new look by pairing it with a simple basic. By doing so, the statement piece becomes more wearable and versatile allowing it to be worn more often. And who doesn’t love to get full use out of their clothes?

In this look I concentrated on one of my favorite statement pieces I own; a faux fur vest. This vest is fierce and fabulous, and can add awesome texture and pattern to any look. I decided to pair the vest with a basic white graphic T-shirt which immediately relaxed the bold look of the vest. Adding on, for bottoms I decided to wear a pair of ripped jeans. The combination of the white T-shirt and the ripped jeans matched with the fur vest work hand in hand to create a fun yet, casual outfit. Basics don’t have to be boring; they can easily be revamped just like bold statements can easily be toned down.

We can’t forget shoes—my favorite part of any outfit. I decided to wear black suede booties, which are very on trend at the current moment. The booties tend to dress the look up, however, if you wanted to create even more of a casual look for this outfit, the booties could easily be swapped for a pair of Converse or Adidas superstars. As for accessories, I personally tend to be a minimalist. I love to keep it clean and simple. The black choker that I am wearing definitely finishes off the look with an edgy vibe.

This is one of my personal favorite combos. I love to take my statement pieces and mix them in with my everyday looks. Keeping your look the same everyday gets to be very boring and no Fashionista should ever be boring. So switch it up! Pull those statement pieces out and give them some love! Until next time, peace and love!