May 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Summer is here, which means we can all finally break out our fresh new summer wardrobes! For me, this means a healthy mix of neutrals and trendy pieces. Most of my plans for summer outfits include basics and statement pieces. I felt like these were both combined in this look, which makes great use of the color black but still contains lots of details.

I decided black would serve as a great neutral background for the rest of the outfit’s pieces. However, I didn’t want to just wear a plain black T-shirt and jeans. I noticed many short-sleeved sweatshirts at a variety of stores; however, I wanted one that had some edge and detail to it but was still part of the trend. I preferred this graphic sweatshirt over the basic ones I was seeing everywhere else. The Kurt Cobain graphic gives it a grunge edge, staying true to my personal aesthetic, and its monochromatic colors make it versatile for other outfits and color schemes.

I wanted to wear slimmer jeans for this outfit because the sweatshirt had an oversize look and I didn’t want it to give me a larger shape. These motorcycle jeans had a good basic pattern, and the pocket on the side with the longer canvas piece on the zipper was an additional detail I loved. The frayed parts added to the grungy effect and distressed look that I prefer for denim. The legs were also slightly long enough that I could stack them on my trusty tan suede boots without looking sloppy.

Accessories-wise, I wanted to have focal points on my arms, as I was wearing a short-sleeved top with a basic color palette and wanted to add something extra to it. The variety of chain, leather, and string bracelets gives the outfit an array of textures and the colors accent the outfit’s color scheme. All of these bracelets are silver or black, which highlight the black clothes as well as my tote bag’s handles and silver detailing. My personal favorite of the bunch was my larger charcoal chain bracelet, which is a mixture of gray and black. My sunglasses also had charcoal accents that matched this bracelet, and their monochromatic palette was an additional ornament to the outfit.

My camouflage tote bag is the real standout in this ensemble. Each season, there are themes centered on one distinct color. Olive green has been present on most runways recently, and the camouflage pattern is one that’s extremely versatile and exciting. Designers have made this pattern part of collections in a multitude of colors, sizes, and textures. I love this digitized camouflage because it stays on-trend while remaining exciting and fresh; it isn’t reminiscent of Aughts-era caro short patterns or a lighter, digitized camouflage of Army uniforms. The bag is also in a slightly bolder hue, with darker olives that give the pattern’s tan and black components more presence. The darker tan correlates with my boots; the silver and black complement my accessories and the rest of the outfit.

Size was important in this, too. Tote bags are extremely useful, as nowadays everyone has more everyday baggage to haul than ever. This one isn’t too large or too small; it’s big enough to fit my laptop, agenda, a couple of magazines, and any other essentials I’ll need for day-to-day activities or classes. Frankly, it’s just practical, and the fact that I found one that was so on-trend is nothing short of a fashion miracle.