STYLE GURU STYLE: Autumn Palette

STYLE GURU STYLE: Autumn Palette

Hey Fashionistas/os! I decided to give you an inside look on my style this article and share it with you all this month. I’m finally settled into my new humble abode, the magnificent city of Boston surrounded by its diverse and attractive style sense. The captivating architecture of this city has me mesmerized every day as I take on the streets to conquer my day. Independence, liberty and self-determination are only a handful of things I can say I’ve learned so far over the past couple of months while living on my own. One thing that has made me fall in love ten times more with this city is everyone’s outtake on their style and beauty sense. Jeans and booties, leather jackets and platform sneakers, velvet skirts and suede hats are taking over the city of Boston.

Though we don’t want to kiss the warm breeze goodbye, I am sure we are ready to take on fall this year. Pumpkin spice lattes, warm oatmeal cookies and apple picking are only some of my favorite things to do in the fall. Having lived in Florida my whole life, I am more than thrilled to welcome the beauty of tree leaves to make their way down to the ground and step on concrete full of bright colors.

I’m starting to slowly transition my closet into warm fall colors like dark gray, black and maroon. My style is very classic. I always stick to whites, grays, black and beige. I don’t really wear prints, but once in a while, I’ll rock with it. I am a huge fan of dark colors and denim. Any type of denim style, hit me with it! Booties are my go-to shoes. They give an extra pump and make your outfit choice an overall classy but casual type of flow.

I decided to channel my inner fall flair by bringing out my leather jacket. I combined it with my black leggings and booties. Like I said earlier, dark colors are my favorite, preferably black. I decided to pop some color in my outfit by adding this black stripped scarf. The red and beige on the scarf give it the perfect touch of color not making the outfit look simple and boring. Under my leather jacket, I wore my half arm sleeved black shirt which has such a nice bell cut to it on the arms. Last but not least, I added my black and silver chain purse to complete my outfit. I have recently become a huge fan of small purses. They’re small, easy and convenient to fit anything you need if you’re not much of a bag holder and also gives your outfit a RAD look.

It’s time to start bringing out the scarves, the leather jackets and the cute boots cause fall is here ladies and gents!