STYLE GURU STYLE: Athleisure Wins

Athleisure is an easy go-to look, especially in the transition from spring to summer. I never leave the house without a great bomber jacket or cool pair of sneakers because they are both so central to my personal style. Looking fashionable does not mean sacrificing comfort and I would like to think my look, and those similar, seamlessly utilize both the trendiness and ease of this style.

To round out this look and break up the black silk bomber from the black sweatpants, I chose a light graphic tank that still incorporated some of the black. A graphic tank is a great addition to any athleisure outfit because it can dress up a more athletic vibe and bring out the leisure look. Because of the warm weather, I wore a light weight bomber with the silk texture complementing the colored tank. Its important to keep layers simple as summer approaches so that the outfit still works with or without the jacket on.

My white sneakers, have seen me through this entire year, every season, and its not time to put them away just yet. A great pair of white sneakers is essential because they can be both a statement piece as well as a subtle accent. In this case, the white sneakers act as both. They are their own statement in opposition to the black pants and jacket. Yet the subtle gold stripe on the back compliments the color of the tank and the hints of white behind the graphic. These white sneakers, combined with the graphic tank, and textured simple bomber play an important role in the harmony of my athleisure style.