STYLE GURU STYLE: Athleisure Athlovin'

September 14th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Athleisure Athlovin'

The fashion world has been taken by one of the most chill storms to ever happen. “Athleisure” is taking gym geek to street chic, making it look like all of us are workout fiends. Even big-name fashion companies are taking an athleisure look on life.

Tory Burch, Mara Hoffman, Derek Lam and Rebecca Minkoff are just a few brand names that are bringing in athletic wear to their posh lines. Minkoff has taken her normally bohemian-chic fashion line and transformed it into a fashion-forward athletic wear brand for this fall. With sleek leggings, cropped sweatshirts and dark tones, Minkoff is encompassing the athleisure trend in her new designs.

For my athleisure style, I like to choose things I can wear to class and then take straight to the gym. Victoria’s Secret is my go-to for leggings. The high waist makes them super comfortable, and the shape contours to my figure in a way that is ultra-flattering. The thicker waistband makes them grip my waist, so whether I am walking to class or doing squats, they stay put.

The adidas sweatshirt is my favorite article of clothing I own. The material is thick enough to keep me warm, but cool enough that when I move around, I don’t start sweating while wearing it. The cropped design is perfect for someone like me who barely reaches five feet. It hits at a part on my torso that shows just a peek of skin, but not so much that it is scandalous. The classic logo adds to the athleisure look, bringing in athletic name brands to a chill outfit.

My Vans are another go-to for athleisure. Growing up in southern California, Vans are practically part of the surfing/skate boarding culture. The grips on the bottom make them good for exploring campus or the weight room, gripping even the slipperiest surfaces. They are also possibly the most comfortable shoes ever; I have never gotten a blister from them. Another plus is that they are super easy to clean, so dirtying them up is never a worry for me.

As for makeup, I stick to foundation, mascara, eyebrows and a little highlighter—nothing too drastic, otherwise it will take away from the overall chill vibes this outfit gives off. One thing that is absolutely necessary for me going from class to the gym is setting spray. I use Urban Decay All Nighter, which lasts and lasts, even through the sweatiest workouts.

Athleisure is a trend that is enveloping college campuses everywhere. With the laid-back look, it is easy to throw on and still look put-together. Personally, this is a look I will be sticking with for quite a while.