Baby, it’s cold outside…winter is upon us. Although it has been delayed here in New York City (60 degrees in November?), it’s coming. December is finally here and Christmas is around the corner so that means it’s definitely time to bundle up. While I have been apprehensive about the cold weather, I have also been very inspired. All around me I see people grasping one of latest trends: athleisure. What does this trend mean? You’ve seen it: structured outfits with athletic twists—sports-chic, in other words. Public School’s fall ready-to-wear 2015 collection has truly nailed it and inspired me the most. The laid back, oversized, effortlessly cool yet put together look of the entire collection is one of my favorites this fall/winter.

Look four inspired me the most and although it’s menswear, I was still able to put together a similar look that fits my aesthetic and went along with the trend. Trying to stay warm, I wore Uniqlo’s innovative turtleneck that may look like a simple turtleneck but it isn’t—it’s a heattech turtleneck made of fabric that retains body heat, a.k.a. it will keep you warm all winter (so no need to go crazy on layering!). Every gal needs her favorite cut-off skinny jeans for a cold day where you don’t want to put in too much effort; the sleek look of black jeans can help you out. Completing the look, I wore a structured, oversized wool blend coat. The gold zipper and the two-tone sleeves really complemented the outfit. Adding my athleisure twist, I went for my favorite pair of everyday sneakers—adidas originals.

This winter may or may not be tough for you, depending on where you live. Bundle up, find your aesthetic (and stick with it) and don’t be afraid to stay in and cry to Adele’s new album because we all need that sometimes.

Get My Look: 1. UNIQLO turtleneck. 2. Zara skinny jeans. 3. Any structured coat. 4. adidas originals.