STYLE GURU STYLE: As Cool As Corduroy

When I began the process of thinking what I was going to feature for this month’s article, I couldn’t help but think of how I could express my personal style with something new. As I am always advocating to try something new and be bold, I decided to try something out of my style comfort zone.

In the spirit of fall, I opted to stay on the darker side and choose two colors that go hand in hand. Working from head to toe, I’ll begin with my hair and sunglasses. As some of you may have noticed, I have been given a generous amount of hair on my head. So for this look, I decided to tame my curls in a classic ponytail to emphasize the black velvet choker I was wearing.  Although the days are getting shorter and the sun is not out as long, sunglasses were a must to add an extra style factor to this look. Moving back to the choker, I chose it to elongate my neck and make my off the shoulder top stand out even more. I paired the top with my favorite burgundy corduroy skirt along with some signature black booties.

As I said before I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone. So far, every time I take this leap of faith for my Style Guru Style articles I am never disappointed in the outcome. I am able to use certain pieces in my closet I never thought of using before with one another as well as discovering and adding new elements to my style. So as I am always advocating, be bold, be you and try something new.