STYLE GURU STYLE: Any Jeans Boys Can Wear Girls Can Wear Better

Not going to lie, if you would have asked me my thoughts on boyfriend jeans a few months ago it probably would have sounded an awful lot like Simon Cowell roasting an American Idol contestant. Despite the fact they looked great in all the pictures and store manikins I saw, the idea of my breaking up with my skinny jeans didn’t exactly get me too excited. You could say my relationship with boyfriend jeans seemed over before it even started, that is until they swooped down from the pants rack at a local thrift shop and won my heart—who knew a pair of jeans could be so charming, right? Just like that, I was hooked on the relaxed, slouchy look my old denim could never recreate.

Being a strictly skinny jeans kind of gal, it only seemed fitting to look back at the 6397 pre-fall 2015 collection for a little inspiration on how to wear this denim favorite. If there’s one thing boyfriend jeans do best, it’s keeping your casual attire looking trendier than Kendall Jenner on Instagram.

6397 is known for its laid back look, helping us embrace our inner tomboy, Reggie from Rocket Power style! Their pre-fall 2015 collection captures the brand’s rooted appreciation for denim –especially the boyfriend jean—as well as classic slip dresses and button-down shirts. The collection draws a heavy influence from men’s wear (shout out to our Fashionistos!) by using slouchy, loose fitting pieces like oversized T-shirts and jeans. A muted color palate kept this “Plain Jane” look simple and effortless, while playing up denim in a number of its outfits. 6397 was sure to keep things cropped as well, cuffing jeans and pants to finally give you an excuse to show off those ankles and calves.

As for piecing together my own look, the 6397 pre-fall 2015 collection was a great starting point for showcasing my casual side. I began by pairing my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans with a slouchy T-shirt, keeping in mind to play up the tomboy look through the shapelessness of the shirt and pants. I decided to opt for a gray shirt to keep up with the muted color palette and let the jeans take center stage—I mean, I couldn’t rave about boyfriend jeans for an entire article and not show them off! The only catch to this look was being mindful not to be too casual, or else I risked looking like a little, slouchy rain cloud. To avoid looking frumpy, I played up the miscellaneous pops of red scattered throughout the collection with a fun bandana to add some color and create the illusion of a higher neckline as seen via turtlenecks and popped collars. To seal the deal, I topped the look off with a pair of simple ankle booties to add height and accentuate the cuff in my jeans.

I don’t know about you, but you might as well call 6397 the love doctor, because it’s rekindling the boyfriend jeans love one collection at a time.

Get My Look: 1. Boyfriend jeans. 2. Slouchy gray shirt. 3. Bandana.