STYLE GURU STYLE: An Overall Perfect Summer

Overalls were first put out on store shelves all around America in 1960s and would stay for years and trends to come. They were traditionally worn by working men and women for protective over garments and comfort ability for long laborious jobs. Soon the youth culture of the 1990s decided to transform this originally undesirable necessity into something that was featured by the everyday person in all types of colors, patterns and lengths.

Today, overalls have entered high fashion magazines and runways, and continue to hang in the closets of homes. Growing up, I remember always being dressed up in overalls for playtime and school. It seemed the whole family had their own pair to wear. During the last couple of months, Fashionistas have been running to thrift shops and going through old boxes to find their perfect pair to show off at their next event.

Overalls can be transformed based on the Fashionista’s style. Someone who has more of an edgy hipster style may wear her overalls with a T-shirt, Converse and Letterman jacket. Someone who is preppy may wear a button-up, flats and designed headband. Overalls can become more formal by adding heals or a dressy silk shirt.

One of my personally favorite things is when clothes come full circle and come back into a generation’s daily attire. Fashion allows for generations to bond over certain trends and memories. Secretly raiding grandma’s closet for clothes that have come back in style is always my greatest adventure.

Taking inspiration from Karen Walker resort 2016 collection, I created a preppy spin off of the classic overall. In her collection, she takes an ordinary summer dress and transforms it into a preppy look that would turn heads at any summer event. The combination of mixed patterns and colors in her collection inspired my outfit to be unique and to play around with my closet. Karen Walker combined preppy and chic to create the perfect line of clothes. She also created looks that referenced a specific trend from the past and turned them into something Fashionistas would wear today.

While looking around a local thrift shop, I came across this burgundy pair of overalls. Soon, I found myself making a whole outfit based around these overalls. Running around and getting a look from all the shoppers, I found a floral pair of heels that incorporated burgundy and blue. I also added a blue star button-up to add color as well as a mix of patterns. To tie the look together I added a pair of light blue earrings and a punch of color in my mustard handbag.

Get My Look: 1. Any pair of overalls. 2. A patterned button-up. 3. A pair of floral heels. 4. Earrings to match your button-up. 5. A mismatched colored purse.