I love denim, yes I do. I love denim, how ’bout you?! Ladies and gents, denim has made a major come back and—excuse my poor puns—but this trend is (jean)uinely RAD!

Virgil Abloh’s first runway show for his label Off-White is nothing short of inspiration. Abloh reinvents the classic white T-shirt and blue denim look by cutting apart the two building blocks of fashion, and piecing them back together as cohesive and original looks. According to the New York Times, the designer is an “all-purpose style guru.” Since leaving behind his career as solely an architect and engineer in Chicago, Abloh’s since opened a store (RSVP Gallery) in Chicago, worked on several fashion collaborations across the world and has acted as Kanye West’s art director and costume designer for several years now. Abloh’s work has been featured in major publications like Vogue and The New York Times, showing the world’s infatuation with his new approach to simplicity, structure and color. Off-White utilizes denim as a continues device throughout the show and feeds us Fashionistas with new and creative ways to incorporate denim into looks ranging from casual to interview to night out. His styling is versatile and fit for a sophisticated, innovative and modern Fashionista.

I am overjoyed that my wonderful (some would call overboard) accumulation of denim is being put to good use come this spring! Blue jeans have proven to be a timeless essential that always make a comeback. I won’t be the first Fashionista to admit that I have an ongoing weak spot for denim because of its versatile, comfortable, casual and timeless effect! From boho to grunge, blue jeans of all sorts and sizes are a life long investment that are guaranteed to make a statement. Inspired by Abloh’s layered looks, I too tried out the denim on denim trend by pairing my blue jean overall dress with a white and black striped tank top and a denim button-down tied around the waist. The looks is funky, fun and is guaranteed to stand out as casual weekend wear attire.

Don’t be afraid to denimize your wardrobe! While some may stray away from the denim on denim look, I strongly encourage it! Pairing various blue jean fabrics creates texture and structure that can make any look go from drab to fab in no time! Any Fashionista brave and bold enough to rock the layered denim look is a fierce force to be reckoned with!

Get My Look: 1. Striped tank top. 2. Denim overall dress. 3. A funky cross-body bag.