STYLE GURU STYLE: An Embellishment Worth Trying

Gucci’s resort 2016 collection features a variety of patches. It glorifies them. Everywhere you look, miniskirts and corduroy jean jackets can be seen stitched together with some type of flower, snake or tiger insignia. And in just 62 looks, their creative director Alessandro Michele was able to convince me of this embellishment’s worth.

The collection is chock full of playfulness and eccentricity. It uses an ample amount of patches to demonstrate this. They remain scattered about as if they were randomly placed. No one patch is the same because each one of them varies in size and shape. There’s a beauty to how Gucci stitches and clusters them together onto one piece of fabric. Their strategically disorganized in order to heighten the garments’ sense of fun. My patches work in a similar fashion. Their location appears random but they are not. Rectangular and circular in shape, they are sporadically placed throughout the surface of my shirt in order to liven it up. The collection’s playful tone is also established through its rich color palette. My bright yellow nail polish is a nod to that. Its saturated hue (along with my donut midi ring by Jane’s Tiny Things) adds whimsicality to my ensemble.

Although I’m not one to follow a trend (mostly because I don’t believe in them), Gucci’s ” patchwork and color scheme have piqued my interest. It’s commendable and something I’m glad to imitate. My STYLE GURU STYLE is an homage Michele’s work.

Get My Look: 1. White button-down shirt. 2. Jeans. 3. Patches.