Plaid prints are timeless, easy to style and most importantly, an autumn staple piece. Personally, I associate plaid prints with warm, autumn memories and Thanksgiving. Whether it is on the patched shirt of a scarecrow or on the table cloth of a Thanksgiving dinner table, plaid prints tend to make their appearance notably often during fall.

With autumn right around the corner, I was inspired by the Ace & Jig fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection to re-create a simple, yet stylish, plaid outfit that is perfect for the upcoming season. The Ace & Jig model’s outfit is very elegant and conservative. When re-creating the look, I decided to draw away from the old-school countryside feels of the collection and incorporate modern trends.

Similar to the Ace & Jig model, I decided to style a green plaid one-piece. Underneath the conservative plaid dress, I styled a cactus print T-shirt to make my outfit seem playful and casual. If the overall theme of the Ace & Jig model’s look is sophisticated rural chic, I decided to give my own twist to the look and add sports luxe elements to my outfit. By slipping into a fresh pair of white adidas sneakers and matching it with white Nike ¾-length socks, I added clean, street-chic feels to my overall outfit. Furthermore, going back to the countryside theme of the original look, I topped off my outfit by styling a tiny bucket-like crossbody bag that is full of personality and acts as a perfect dainty statement piece.

Get My Look: 1. Plaid Dress 2. Print T-shirt 3. Sneakers.