STYLE GURU STYLE: All-Black Everything

Who doesn’t love black?  I think it’s safe to say that the majority of my fall/winter wardrobe consists of either black or dark-colored clothes, following true to my NYC-bound heart.  When the weather is bleak and there’s snow on the ground (finally), it’s all about contrasting visually with the world around you.  Nothing makes a statement quite like a head-to-toe black outfit.  To me, a look like this says serious, sophisticated and headstrong.  Black clothing is definitely my go-to style during the colder months here in upstate New York.

My main inspiration comes from one of the most famous and influential New York designers himself, Calvin Klein.  Specifically, his fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection.  This collection features on some all black looks, as well as some other ’60s inspired pieces (in regards to their silhouettes) that really make the intricacy of the designs stand out.  I stuck to his color palette in the beginning of the show with this outfit.

Black is always going to be considered classic, but the way it is worn and styled can be altered to achieve a different aesthetic.  For example, the LBD will never go out of style; but all black leather pants?  They come and go throughout the years.  Whether you’re going for simplicity or edginess, black remains versatile enough to be used in almost every style you could imagine in some way.

My outfit features a double-breasted wool coat in black, and all black denim pants.  I accessorized with a long black scarf, black leather gloves, and of course, my signature black booties.  These are all staple pieces that can be found at almost any retailer.  My makeup consisted of a New Years Eve inspired smoky eye look that I found on the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Instagram account, and my jewelry featured some diamond earrings from Macy’s.  I opted for a nude lip to keep the main focus on my eyes.

Get My Look: 1. Black coat.  2. Black denim pants.  3. Long black scarf.  4. Black leather gloves.  5. Black booties