STYLE GURU STYLE: All About That Blush

January 1st, 2015 at 2:05am
STYLE GURU STYLE: All About That Blush

My breath was taken away when I first saw Monique Lhuillier’s ready-to-wear collection for spring 2015. With the light blush tones, sequin details and full tulle skirts, this collection is right up any girly girl’s alley. I noticed a recurring color pattern of black and white in Lhuillier’s designs, however, it is accompanied by a delicate blush color. This color combination, as well as the structure of the designs, gives the pieces an aura of sophistication. The monochrome paired with the pastel tones creates a beautiful contrast of delicate and bold, capturing the essence of spring. Elegance, femininity and fun are all found in each stitch of Lhuillier’s designs and this inspired me to incorporate similar elements into my own style.

Blush happens to be one of my favorite colors of all time, so I had no problem incorporating this into a look—plus it gave me an excuse to wear my new fluffy cardigan. However, I usually pair blush with other pastels, so when I found myself reaching for my mint floral skirt I had to go in a different direction.  For the rest of this look I took inspiration from Lhuillier’s designs and went all monochrome. Her pieces are also quite structured so instead of the flowy skirt I normally would pair with this cardigan, I chose a fairly structured black circle skirt.

To make it more wearable for walking around in the chilly Montana weather, I decided to go with a knitted cream infinity scarf and a pair of gray tights. However, since I still wanted the look to be quite chic, I added some heeled booties and a pair of cat eye sunglasses.

This spring 2015 show inspired me to think outside of the box when it comes to putting together a feminine outfit. Since my style is fairly girly already it was a fun challenge creating this contrast with delicate and bolder pieces. Seeing how blush is a trending color for the spring also made me extremely excited, as now I have even more of an excuse to wear it!

Get My Look: 1. A blush cardigan. 2. A little black dress. 3. Heeled booties.