STYLE GURU STYLE: alice + olivia

As I write this article, it is very obvious by the sunshine that I am not in Syracuse. It’s “winter” break but my winters consist of sunshine and Maui Babe. In my hometown of Los Angeles I struggle with wanting to embrace fall fashion and having to survive eighty-degree weather. alice + olivia’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection takes fall colors and fabrics and puts them onto summery silhouettes.

By pairing a black crop top with a Hawaiian-inspired kimono, I manage to not over heated while still looking season-appropriate. This kimono is one of my favorites because it was actually bought in the ’90s by my mom at a thrift store. This piece proves that hidden gems are everywhere and you do not need to spend a lot to be trendy.

Being bi-coastal has proven more difficult than I thought. While in Syracuse, I wear big sweaters and scarves and many layers but in Los Angeles it is often too hot to wear long pants. Drastically changing my style for only a few weeks of break has proven to be a challenge. How I survive this weather confusion is by bring home pieces that are in the dark fall colors but in summer cuts, much like alice + olivia does in their latest collection.

I chose to pair a black crop tank top with high-waisted black jeans, black platform sandals and a floor-length kimono. By wearing black jeans, I make the outfit fall appropriate but keep it Los Angeles appropriate with the crop tank top. Because black-on-black outfits are often too harsh, adding the colored kimono makes it more playful. Finally, to add some arm candy to the look, I put on a large turquoise ring and my favorite watch. A lot of people do not wear watches because they have their phones to look at for the time. I believe a watch can elevate an entire outfit. 

Get My Look: 1. Do not be afraid to wear a floor length sweater or kimono. They are scary at first, but once you start, they will become your go-to pieces. 2. Invest in a watch. They are often the center of conversations because many people do not wear them anymore! 3. Do not be afraid wear all-black. Oftentimes it can feel to dark or goth but it can be fun and trendy.