STYLE GURU STYLE: Aiming Toward The Green

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but fall is still here. To celebrate, I have decided to browse online to determine the looks I can incorporate into my wardrobe. After roaming around runway shows, I found a gorgeous Chanel olive green blazer. But, as you know, I’m in college and cannot afford to splurge on a Chanel blazer quite yet. Therefore, I grabbed a few ideas from the rest of the fall 2015 Chanel ready-to-wear show and created a look straight from my closet.

First, I picked out a pair of distressed boyfriend jean I snagged at a CollegeFashionista event this summer. I love these jeans because they are comfortable in brutal heat, they look good and they can be worn during any season. Secondly, I drew the burgundy that Chanel incorporated into multiple looks with a tank top from Express. And topping off the clothing aspect of this look, I threw on a jacket that I picked up on clearance at Urban Outfitters. Wearing my jacket on campus makes me feel confident that one day I can upgrade my look to off the runway Chanel.

If I have learned anything from dabbling in fashion, it’s that I love the idea that shoes make an outfit. After choosing neutral color pieces, I wanted to up my look by being expressive. What other way is there to be expressive than with a pair of cheetah print loafers? The looks that were in the Chanel show were simple and focused more on the clothes themselves, so to mix my own creativity into this look, I wanted to add the perfect pair of shoes.

Get My Look: 1. Distressed jeans. 2. A fall colored jacket. 3. An awesome pair of shoes that express your own style.