STYLE GURU STYLE: Acne Everywhere!

I’d be lying if I said I occasionally visited Tumblr, because the truth is that I practically live on the website. Between the heartrending quotes, wise commentary and artsy-fartsy photography, I can’t help but reblog a large portion of all the stuff I see.

If you were to take a look at my dashboard, it’d be clear that the content provided by the fashion realm of Tumblr takes up some space—I seriously can’t resist a well-structured outfit, and any Tumblr-savvy Fashionista knows that there’s a specific fashion house whose designs are both like and reblog-worthy. Acne Studio’s pre-fall 2015 collection reminds us why we love the Stockholm-based brand, as chunky knits and sherpa-lined denims characterized the menswear-inspired garments.

Limber models with edgy pixie cuts graced the catwalk wearing oversized everything; heavy overcoats and wide scarves came in a variety of prints (like houndstooth) and solids. Outerwear and sweaters were akin to each other, in the sense that all of these pieces had high necklines. Already a fan of turtlenecks and chunky knitwear, I instantly knew that I’d enjoy adding a personal, everyday twist to the ensembles created by the masterminds at Acne.

Wearing both new and secondhand pieces, I paired a chunky knit cardigan with a cream-colored turtleneck. While the combination was heavily influenced by the runway collection, it was an independent decision of mine to wear the items with a pair of vintage high-rise jeans and sandy boots (that are extremely reminiscent of Peter Pan). To accessorize, a gold-toned compass necklace acted as a companion to a leather belt with gold hardware. This wearable menswear look easily proves that a little bit of Acne isn’t bad at all.

Get My Look: 1. A solid turtleneck. 2. A chunky, knit outerwear piece. 3. Awesomely comfy jeans.