STYLE GURU STYLE: A Style Dictated Solely by Me

March 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

I am going to start off my article with this disclaimer: everything (besides my tights and socks) in this outfit is thrifted! Savers, local thrift shops, local vintage shops…you name it! So, I will try my best to find duplicates of these pieces, but just remember that with thrifting there is usually only one unique piece—so start raiding those racks in your local shops!

Hopefully there is one thing you will notice from this outfit: it isn’t “trendy.” I am not following any fast-fashion trends. Rather, I am wearing a thrifted $3 oversize sweater. It didn’t have the smell of fresh, purchased clothes—it had the smell of years of unknown experiences. Who wore this before me? What did they encounter in this article of clothing? What did they accomplish?

There’s some sort of mystery that stems from adopting someone else’s clothing pieces as your own. But it isn’t the mysteriousness that is alluring—it is the collection of unique and eclectic pieces that form your personal style. I believe that the best way to determine your personal style is to enter an atmosphere where fast-fashion and trends are nonexistent. This forces you to discover what your style is—not the style of large corporations and societal norms. Don’t let fast-fashion and trends dictate what your personal style should be.

Be revolutionary—push fashion boundaries while simultaneously pushing your own limits.

Unlike most knit sweaters, this piece is embellished with a split neckline collar and two buttons—breaking up the busy, checkered pattern. I haven’t seen any mainstream store carry such an item! I paired this sweater with a ’70s olive green corduroy button-front skirt from my local vintage shop. This skirt is so versatile and an essential to my style. Matching the brown buttons and the olive green tones, I finished off the look with brown tights, brown slinky socks and my tan suede booties. I love to create texture by scrunching my socks into my booties. I love dressing up any outfit with unique dangling earrings, so I paired my favorite copper chandelier earrings with this outfit.

This combination will remain one of my favorites, because while individually looking at each piece, it looks as if this outfit would never flow. But all together, each thrifted piece complements the other perfectly. This is never something you would see in an editorial, a website, or a blog.

That is what makes it fashionable—it is something no one else wears. Be an individual. Be different. Look towards yourself and your passions for inspiration, not others.