STYLE GURU STYLE: A Splash of Color

The color trinity of red, white and black has always been one of the most successful and effortless styling constituents. Symbolically, it announces the essence of audacity, stimulus and resolve. Aesthetically, it is eye-catching and cheerfully buoyant. So it’s no surprise that Giorgio Armani’s fall 2014 couture line for Armani Privé instantly arrested my attention and approval. Delving deeper into the mod runway looks, it became evident that there was a lot of texture at play, seen in its exquisite material and extravagant designs. His collection of tulle, ribbon fringing, polka-dots and furry, bulbous jackets all came together for a suitably glamorous uniformity. However, what impressed me most was the way he tamed the daring patterns and colors with supple, delicate silhouettes. Armani managed to soften and downplay all those tonal attributes, revamping them into something soft and charmingly feminine—a bubbly, fluffy and flocculent collection of works that delivered Armani’s minimalist signature in the most sumptuous and elegant way possible. These layered looks were not only delightfully aesthetic, but instantly wearable.

As a devout lover of this chic color sequencing and an avid admirer of Armani’s delicate spin on bold elements, I was guilelessly inspired. I knew I had to assimilate the runway looks with pieces in my own wardrobe. As the accentuated color meridian, a fulgent red peacoat was most ideal. With the prevailing Illinois weather being drenched in bleak and overcast conditions, wearing a resplendent red coat amidst the subzero temperatures not only avails in illuminating my look, but my predilection as well. In this way, I can utilize my clothing to bring myself solace and satisfaction.

I decided to pair this enlivening piece with some trending fabrics and patterns reminiscent of the ‘80s. I started with the basic minimalist essentials; a frosty white pullover and a timeless pair of black tights. I then incorporated some pattern and design, layering with an eye-catching statement necklace on top and a sanguine polka-dotted skirt on bottom. The cloud-like sweater and its partnering statement necklace are negated with the fuzzy pullover’s loose silhouette. Fur is one of my favorite fabrics to sport in the wintertime; not only does it give a refreshing texture alternative against the cotton benchmark, nothing will keep you ridiculously cozier against the merciless frosty winds. When these daring colors, polished designs and quiet silhouettes are paired together, they merge to epitomize the eloquent and youthful nature of the contemporary modernist style.

Get My Look: 1. A vibrant red double-breasted peacoat. 2. A polka-dotted skater skirt. 3. A monochrome statement necklace.