STYLE GURU STYLE: A Playful Perspective

October 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

College is a transitional juncture, a stage of maturation and transformation, where one may find themselves questioning where they fall on the spectrum between adolescence and adulthood. When swept up in a whirlwind of obligations, the person you once were in your youth may become but a distant daydream. But however imposing the pressures of becoming an adult may be, you don’t have to completely let go of your childlike soul just yet. Christian Dior’s resort 2016 collection portrayed this in the most lavish and dazzling way possible, reinforcing the idea that reminiscing doesn’t have to be mournful, particularly when it comes to style. The playfulness of the collection, with its abbreviated proportions and knit onesies, broadcast a sort of confidence and charm that only the innocence of youth could procure.

The Dior heritage was evoked throughout the show; his classic femme fleur was abstracted in textured details and in net dresses with pleated underskirts. The entire collection was playful, sweet and in a sense almost childish. After all, switching ones brain to a childlike, youthful perspective can oftentimes be the most inspirational. Fashion also looks nostalgically upon its own past to rekindle sparks from trends gone by. Likewise, not only can you use fashion’s past to inspire your present wardrobe with vintage trends, you can use your personal past to integrate a charming sense of innocence and playfulness from older sentiments.

I decided to incorporate both past trends and a youthful presence into my current look. Reanimating trends and borrowing looks from the past should always be acceptable, as long as they can revamp or incorporate the styles of the current era in fresh ways. I pulled from the ever-present ‘90s trend of suspenders to make my ensemble an ode to the celebration of youth. However, I veered away from the more mod, raw look of the ‘90s to a more elegant, feminine semblance.

Overalls and suspenders are one of those trends that are constantly recycling through the fashion timeline as they can be classic, charming and befitting for any age. This particular piece from Abercrombie & Fitch is unique due to its structure; it fuses both skirt and overall into a singular piece, giving off a playful, yet sophisticated aura. To further complement the suspender skirt, I topped off the look with a maroon hat.

I layered this over an ivory lace crop top, thus setting a solid foundation with a tint of texture. To integrate an acute attention to detail, I added some gold elements with a SLATE statement necklace and Steve Madden flatforms. My personal favorite element of this ensemble is the tartan kate spade bag; with its preppy plaid, it is reminiscent of the prim and precious schoolgirl look. However, the dark palette and mod silhouette illustrates sophistication and urbanity. Like Dior’s collection, the final display becomes the adventurous, dynamic, and “all grown up” version of the buoyant schoolgirl style.

Get My Look: 1. Maroon suspender skirt. 2. Long-sleeved lace top. 3. Plaid kate spade purse.