“As if” always seem to be the first two words to come to mind when I put on my vintage plaid skirt and combat boots. ‘90s fashion, seen in movies like the famed Clueless, was full of military inspiration and militant themes. However, the true inspiration for this look comes from Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2015 runway show held during New York Fashion Week.

Marc by Marc Jacob’s ready-to-wear show was composed of suffragette-inspired layers with army jackets, structured bags, berets and, most importantly, vintage plaid. The collection consisted of blues, greens, reds, grays and black. The designers took inspiration from the suffragette movement, labeling various pieces of clothing with, “our future,” “unite” and “solidarity.” The entire collection was made for the powerful and successful woman.

Taking inspiration from this collection, I attempted to translate the mood of Marc by Marc Jacobs powerful collection by using vintage pieces from my own wardrobe. I decided to pair a plaid skirt with black combat boots in the hopes of reproducing the militant mood of the collection. I added a white high-neck crop top to give my look the perfect modern touch. To complete the look, I took inspiration from the structured leather bags used in Marc by Marc Jacob’s collection and decided to carry my own structured black doctor bag. Perhaps the biggest element of this collection I wanted to imitate in my look is the sense of empowerment it provides. Wearing military and suffragette-inspired clothing provides a feeling of potential and positivity that makes fashion about more than just the clothing. Fashion can provide a means for not only expressing one’s sense of style, but also one’s sense of self-confidence.

Get My Look: 1. Plaid skirt. 2. Combat boots. 3. Crop top.