STYLE GURU STYLE: '90s Meet New Stuff

September 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

The 1990s were the decade where chokers, platform boots, high-waisted mom jeans and cool overall outfits were popular. Today, fashion shows and celebrities are making the ’90s alive again. From the grunge to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air look, any type of style looks fresh nowadays.

Because there are so many variations, one can sometimes get the wrong look. A 1990s revival is dubious because it is very unclear.  A ’60s look would involve a mini skirt, the ’70s would be flares and the ’80s would be shoulder pads, but the ’90s are diverse. It ranged from Rachel in Friends to Courtney Love. At the end of the day, it was a mix of many styles, which might be another reason it advances now when a pick-and-choose way to deal with society and fashion, rules.

When you were a little kid I bet you remember when your mom used to dress you in a denim overall, a T-shirt and some white sneakers. Still, we were not the cool kids on the block (thanks, Mom). Whether you like them short or long, there’s no denying it—overalls are IN again. Back then, we filled our onesies with crackers, chocolates or whatever was close at any given minute. Today, we’re filling the pockets with our everyday absolute necessities—our telephone, auto keys and lipstick. Since some things never change, perhaps a few snacks are still packed somewhere in our pockets.

I love how vintage can be mixed with new pieces to create the perfect outfit. Today’s outfit is something between grunge and edgy. I mixed this black denim overall, high neck top and platform Chelsea boots. It’s the perfect outfit for a not-so-cold fall day. If you are feeling insecure about cleaning the dust from your ’90s pieces, you shouldn’t worry, because you are still probably going to be one of the chicest girls or boys in the room.