STYLE GURU STYLE: ‘90s Have Come to Play

Don’t take life too seriously—including fashion. If you like it, wear it! Perhaps you’ll regret wearing a particular outfit ten years from now, but all that matters is that you felt happy and confident wearing your outfit at the time. It’s worth a good laugh, and besides, we are given some solace knowing that trends often recycle.

After I saw one of my all-time favorite models, Kiko Mizuhara, debut for Paris brand Maison Kitsuné, I instantly fell in love with the brand’s collections. Maison Kitsuné evokes a certain playfulness, innocence and youthfulness to its pieces, with its high-waisted skirts and heavy emphasis on socks. Contrary to most fashion designers, the creators of Maison Kitsuné don’t believe in being too serious (which they dare call doing “fashion fashion”) and instead want to keep all their pieces more fashion-forward and wearable. The designers aimed for “a version of what it looks like if a Parisian goes to the Ivy League,” and they find humor in their intent.

Taking inspiration from the Maison Kitsuné fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I kept the preppy school vibe going with some knee-high socks, which I folded down over a pair of oxfords, and a pleated skirt. I also wanted to channel the brand’s youthful yet effortlessly chic attitude; I tried achieving this idea by tying my hair into messy braids and by adding a huge pink pom-pom to my backpack for an innocent touch.

The youthful spirt and lifestyle that embodies Maison Kitsuné’s clothes also made me want to incorporate some elements from the ‘90s, which was my childhood. It’s the perfect timing for two of my favorite ‘90s trends to be revived—chokers and crop tops! Unlike my colorful childhood wardrobe though, I kept my color palette completely black and white for a more timeless appeal.

Get My Look: 1. Cropped tank top. 2. Pleated grid skirt. 3. Velvet choker.