I don’t know about you guys but, the revival of ’90s clothing has made me a very happy Fashionista! I especially love the ’90s grunge style. I really like how this style can be very effortless. As a college student, some days I don’t want to get out of bed, let alone get all dressed up for classes. That’s what I love about the ’90s style—all I have to do is throw on my jean jacket, grab a choker, and call it a day. Some popular ’90s styles that have made a comeback are platform trainers, oversize denim jackets, boyfriend jeans, chokers, velvet, and ruffled skirts. I love taking these ideas and trying to make them into a similar outfit of my own.

My idea for the outfit I am wearing was to try to stay true to the ’90s style, but adding my own grunge flair to it. I have a graphic T-shirt underneath my velvet lace top. I tucked my top into my favorite pair of oversize boyfriend jeans. Underneath my jeans, I added some more grunge fair by pairing them with fishnet tights. My retro reflective glasses are a fun spring/summer accessory. To add a pop of color to this pretty colorless outfit, I added my shimmery Kate Spade tote bag. My shoes are black booties that I love to wear because they aren’t too high, so they are easy to walk in. They also have fringe on the side, so it adds a little fun to my shoes!

The deal with the stylish looks from the ’90s, is that they can be found in many popular stores today, because of the recent comeback. Thrift stores are also a major player in this comeback. Some of my favorite ’90s style pieces come from thrift stores. If you decide to go with the ’90s style like I did, make sure that you make it your own. Whether you choose grunge or athleisure, find little ways to add your own flair and make your outfit fun!