May 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am

After a great season of this internship, it is time to talk about my style and why I wear what I wear.

Personally, when it comes to my style, I wear what is comfortable and what makes me feel empowered, no matter the situation. I like to keep an aesthetic of my daily fits whether I am tired and don’t feel like dressing up or I am ready for the day with a full face of makeup, hair curled, and handbag ready to go.

For this look, I wanted to be fully honest with how my style goes. I am constantly running from place to place, either battling traffic or fidgeting in an elevator waiting to get to my school. Some days I can slay the day away and others I can keep it comfy and easy.

What I like about my style, is it is how I feel projected head to toe all the time. Although for this look I was tired and unprepared for photos, I was still matching which I love. Wearing denim on denim is something that I find to be very timeless, yet so unique. Surprisingly, I have never worn denim on denim before this year, but I guess it’s just the trying something new vibe of 2017. It’s fun, easy, and adorable.

When walking around campus I kept being called a ’90s baby with the white tube top underneath the jacket tucked into my high waisted pants and my white Adidas. If this isn’t a look that you have tried before, I definitely recommend it, it’s comfortable and clean looking. It looks like you tried even when you really didn’t.