STYLE GURU STYLE: 1000 Degrees Later

What comes to mind when you think of summer? Resorts, vacations, crippling heat? That sounds about right. Summer can be hard for a Fashionista. You do your best to try and come up with a complex outfit with layers and dimension, but you check your weather app and see that it’s literally 1000 degrees outside. Suddenly, you lose all motivation to even walk outside, much less figure out what you want to wear. For me, summer in Alabama is unbearable. It’s all about finding something light and airy that doesn’t have too much material. While I was looking through some of the runway looks on, I came across the Suno resort 2017 line. It was all so breezy while still looking like an entire outfit and not like the dish rag you were tempted to wear because it was all you could handle in the heat of the moment.

I got to thinking, how can I transform a look from the Suno show and make it my own? What did all of the looks have in common? Almost every model was clothed in something high-waisted. Nothing in this show was form fitting. The skirts were A-line and wide leg pants were also a trend. Although a variety of linens and chiffon were used, some of the looks still seemed a little heavy for what I needed. I specifically drew inspiration from the cream linen and floral fabrics, and I decided to go with a chiffon, halter top dress. Since the dress was so light and airy, I chose to keep the accessories simple as to not overpower and distract from the main focus. I layered two delicate necklaces and went with one neutral statement ring. Much like the shoes the Suno models wore, mine were a mixture of textures and natural tones.

Get My Look: 1. Chiffon dress. 2. Neutral shoes. 3. Delicate necklace.