Greetings, ladies, gents and fellow fashion aficionados. My name is Zoe Wilson, and I am a junior Fashion Merchandising and Management student at Philadelphia University. Halfway through my college experience, I decided to pursue a career in design and merchandising for sustainable clothing companies. Philadelphia University’s focus on building sustainable industries, coupled with my own research, compelled my interest in addressing the lack of eco-friendly practices within fashion. However, my interests in the fashion industry are boundlessevery corner of the industry fascinates me. Therefore, I am eager to embrace the wonderful opportunity of being a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista this summer, as I make my debut in the world of fashion journalism.

I’ve spent the past 20 years of my life in a small urban/suburban town just outside the city. As a Philadelphia native, I am truly a city slicker at heart. The constant hustle and bustle of city life is inspiring and energizing. This made Philadelphia University a perfect fit for me, settled halfway between my hometown and the city. I’ve been interested in fashion for as long as I can rememberI used to scour stacks of Vogues and Harper’s Bazaars, circling every garment and accessory that caught my eye. I’ve always thought of fashion as more than just clothing. Fashion is art coming to life; it’s a living, breathing representation of individuality.

My style evolves day-to-dayI tend to gravitate towards neutral tones, especially black, while incorporating influences from menswear. I am certainly not a fan of tight garments and am most comfortable in items such as this romper. In order to make my outfits dynamic, I pair bright, girly pieces with sleek, structured ones such as this jacket and my go-to chelsea boots. Another common accent to my outfits are my Warby Parker glasses, which act as a subtle accessory.

Aside from fashion, I enjoy strolling through the streets of Philadelphia, always on the look out for new coffee shops to people watch in. Some other pick-me-ups that I enjoy (other than a latté), include art museums trips, concerts, writing, cooking and traveling. In these upcoming months, I’ll be on the hunt for Fashionista/os to share with you all. In addition to my CollegeFashionista internship, I will also be interning at a beautiful boutique in the heart of Philadelphia. In my spare time, I’ll be relaxing, visiting friends and, of course, shopping.

Ironically, words cannot express my excitement for the prospects of my first semester as a Style GuruNot only will I be bringing two of my greatest passions together (fashion and writing), I will also have the opportunity to highlight some of the most fashionable folks in Philadelphia.