September 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey, everyone! My name is Zoda Carey and I am a second year public relations major at Florida State University. I know we are all sad to say goodbye to sunny summer days, but it’s time to see what fall has in store for us. This will be my second semester with CollegeFashionista and I am uber excited to continue my journey here. I’ve learned so much about myself since the start of this internship and even more about all things fashion. If summer was good, fall has to be great!

Before becoming a Style Guru, I never noticed how much my surroundings had impacted my personal style. Being raised in South Florida around such diverse groups of people allowed me to see all forms of art from various cultures. With so many influences, my personal style tends to be rather eclectic and a lot like the melting pot of South Florida.

Like all Fashionistas, my style varies from day to day, however, I do think I tend to lean towards mixing trendy and vintage often to create what I like to call “vingy.”

With being so young and still trying to figure myself out, I like to experiment with my overall style. Throughout a duration of a year, I have cut my hair four times. Most recently, as you can see, I am rocking this curly red afro and I love it!

Right now, I am also really in love with pink which is why I chose this pastel ensemble. A pink sleeveless top with a high neckline and a very light blush colored denim jacket for a pink contrast. I paired it with white distressed jeans that fringe at the hems and my favorite nude slip-on platform sandals for flavor. Of course, the right accessories complete every look so I wore gold jewelry and a brown one strap backpack to bring it all together.

About half of everything I have on is from the thrift store, except for the pants and shoes. Yes, even the bag! As a college student, balling on a budget is a must!

Thank you to those who have been following me on this journey and I’m looking forward to creating more RAD posts for this semester!