Hello, dear Fashionistas/os! My name is Zayra and I am very excited about coming back for another rad semester with CollegeFashionista!

I will begin by telling you a little bit about myself, and things that I like. I was born in Los Angeles, but San Diego is where I grew up and where I have been living ever since. Currently, I am a sociology major at San Diego State University, and part of the co-ed fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. Going to such a large campus and being part of an organization really immerses myself in a place where I can experience diversity and individuality. I absolutely love winter time, Christmas and the rain, which my friends tease me about because we live in Sunny San Diego where it is practically summer all-year round. But, I like to stick to my guns. If I like something, I won’t stray from it because of trends. That kind of thinking directly translates to my style! If I like something, and I think it goes well with anoutfit, I am not going to care much about whether it is currently trending or not. I am all for people not only looking good, but feeling good and confident as well!

In my outfit featured above, I am wearing some of my outfit staples. Even though it is sunny outside, my classrooms and workplace are always cold so I usually wear my tan jacket. Because my campus is so large, I usually prefer to wear skirts for easy mobility and comfortable sneakers. To look a little more spruced up, I either add some earrings or rings to my outfits.

Fall time is one of the best seasons for fashion, in my opinion, so I am greatly looking forward to the great campus style that my fellow classmates will sport this semester!