STYLE GURU BIO: Ylenia Elvy-Panton

September 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello everyone, my name is Ylenia Elvy-Panton and I am a senior year student studying Journalism and Economics at the University of Connecticut.

I’m so excited to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista again. Last semester, I really enjoyed speaking to other students about their personal styles. Hearing their stories and learning how to share them through text and photos was such valuable skills being a journalism student, and also contributed to discussions I had with my club, Project Fashion. Finding so many students with an interest in style and design helped contribute to our fashion show as well as bring awareness to the growing fashion community.

Being a Style Guru has definitely shaped my fashion conscience. In the past, I would worry about what I wore and how I wore it, but after meeting so many Fashionistas/os, I’ve learned that relaxed confidence carries an outfit far. Creating your own fashion story out of varied trends and influences is more rewarding than any short-lived trend. Questionable looks come with the territory of looking different, but don’t let it influence your choices. If you like it, wear it!

Another great thing about being a Style Guru was getting a first-hand look at how fashion evolves. The same student who was rocking a dress on Tuesday may decide to wear a tailored suit on Friday. When I was a freshman, I never thought I’d be comfortable with makeup, but now bold and dark lipsticks are my favorite accessory. I also didn’t think that I’d dye my hair, but now I’m sporting an emerald green streak! The only thing about personal style that should be consistent is quality. Otherwise, anything goes. Always keep your options open.

The fashion community, at UConn and all over the world, is as diverse as the style it produces. Students from all majors and backgrounds present themselves in unique ways, and it’s what makes our campus so lively. The rugby player (yours truly) can wear a skirt, and the basketball player can wear sequins. I’ve seen a lot, and I know there’s even more to share. Look out for my posts each month and get ready to be inspired.