September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os. My name Ying He and I am a senior student at University of Florida majoring in Digital Art and Science. Go Gators! My major offers me so much fun exploring the different fields of visual art, including photography, filming and graphic design, from which I often get my fashion inspiration. Even when I was a kid, I knew I want to purse a career at media industry already. And this internship is a great opportunity to kick it off. Blogging about clothes as a job? I am so in! Also, I am a huge foodie. My fondness for food is constantly struggling with the desire to fit into pretty dress. So I work out a lot.

My enormous passion in fashion probably came from my mom. She used to take me shopping all the time and really enjoyed dressing me from head to toe. Now I develop my own fashion taste. We would exchange opinions and give suggestions to each other. Fashion is like the special bonding we have. To be honest, both of us are shopaholics. I am sorry, dad.

I don’t really categorize my look into a specific style. The diversity of my wardrobe is actually dizzying. From a classic one-piece dress to tomboy overalls, my choice of outfit is as free as my mind. It would be so cruel to only allow me to pick one. Don’t make me!

This is my first semester at CollegeFashionista and I can’t wait to share my RAD ideas with you. I am so excited to work with so many talented Style Gurus and our amazing editorial team.