STYLE GURU BIO: Yasemin Tuzun

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello everyone, my name is Yasemin Tuzun which is pronounced like Jasmine, but with a Y. Most people just call me “Yaz” for short. I was born in the Big Apple, but moved shortly after to Charlottesville, Virginia. Now I am currently a resident of Richmond, Virginia where I attend Virginia Commonwealth University as a Fashion Merchandising major.

I grew up in a very diverse home. My father is Turkish and my mother is Spanish and German. When growing up everything was always much different from my friends’ childhoods. In my younger years I would be embarrassed of how different my family is. As I’ve gotten older I have learned to love everything different about my family and its mix of cultures. My differences are what have always separated me from everyone and instead of trying to hide them, I now embrace them.

Fashion was not always my vision for myself. Going into high school if someone had asked what I would be doing in college my answer was always “playing soccer.” However, I discovered my love for fashion during my high school’s wearable arts fashion show. We designed, crafted and modeled clothes made from anything but fabric. I continued to play soccer, but I participated in the wearable arts fashion show both my junior and senior year.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a love for Kim Kardashian. I think she is absolutely stunning and her fashion has always been amazing to me. Her look radiates sex appeal and class. She has really been in the fashion scene recently and her new style has influenced my taste a lot. I have taken a liking to her sister Khloe for more everyday and casual wear ideas. Khloe loves to put on a trendy top with some ripped jeans and which keep things more comfortable.

As I move forward with my life, I am really excited for what the future holds. I hope to include my amazing cultures in my fashion career and live a life doing what I enjoy most, and that is fashion!