September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

This is my third semester with CollegeFashionista and I’m beyond excited to be part of the team again. After two semesters of being a Style Guru, I am used to taking photos of the people with style every week. Every time when I walk downtown, I paid attention to passersby. Do they have a unique taste in clothes? Do they carry attractive accessories? Anyone could be my model and I love to discover new styles! Fall semester 2015 in Madison welcomes a more diverse student body, which will bring equally diverse style. I like clothes that show off one’s personality and promote cultures. Red silk Cheongsam, Indian American tribe designs and other cultured styles appear in this small college town.

Despite it’s still August, Madison has entered early fall. Skirts are no longer able to cover the coolness from wind. I picked my most favorite black high-waisted jeans as the under part and a white floating shirt. The extra long round design at front and back of the top makes it easy to match with other clothes. The quilted cow leather wallet is from Marc by Marc Jacobs. A classic design combined with pale tan creates a hand wallet that works for every situation. To have a harmonious outfit, I picked the fall appropriate maple syrup brown heels for the shoes.

I miss summer because of all the new designs coming out. But there’s no time to hold back in the fashion world and keeping up with the trends is critical. Living in the moment and dressing as you wish is the ultimate goal. I wish for a better academic year and more opportunities to be involved with CollegeFashionista. Stay RAD all the time!