STYLE GURU BIO: Xiara Arroyo

September 8th, 2015 at 3:54pm

My name is Xiara A. (pronounced Sea-air-ah AYE). Like the mountains. I’m the kind of human that will lay in the grass to feel the earth’s vibration. I blow kisses to the clouds and I look up in order to look within. I believe there is meaning in the sun rising and the moon’s light.

I often wish to become the wind, but until then, I’m simply proud of my womanhood. I’m committed to my pencil case and like any lioness, I am protective over my family, my friends, my culture and my beliefs.

I’m a lipstick girl; I like to believe I can pull off any and every color I choose to.

My style screams city with a conservative twist; I dare to wear the bold trends of the seasons. Comfort is key and confidence is a must. Brands and labels don’t rule me, but I do admire the great quality and heritage that can be attached to them.

I would say I’m a hopeless romantic, but I am full of hope. I have faith that everyone can and will find their true love.  Love can conquer all and that what will be, has already been written.

I’m a student of the universe and believe that learning never ends.

I’m also a shoe girl simply put, I love them. All the shoes, every shoe. I have petite feet, so I enjoy being able to pull off extremely high heels, eccentric patterns and even kid shoes. (Can anyone say discounted prices?).

I believe in hard work, in passion, inner strength and beauty.



  • Xiara A.

    Magazines are all over my house, new issues, recent issues even some from the '50s. I can't get enough of them. I also can't get enough of spicy food! I was born in Chicago, raised in New Jersey. I lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, before moving to Las Vegas. I learned the word nomad in second grade and decided that is what I would become, a more modern version of course!