STYLE GURU BIO: Whitney Garofalo

September 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

Growing up in a seemingly small town in South Carolina, where the idea of unique, personal style was about as distant as a snowy winter, initially posed a threat to my deeply rooted passion for all things clothes, trends and accessories. The night before school usually consisted of me carefully curating an outfit for the next day, only to find that my wedges, hats and layers of black, usually a color that blends into the crowd, stood out in the sea of girls clad in uniforms of bright floral patterned Lily Pulitzer dresses, glittery Jack Rogers sandals and monogrammed everything that surrounded me.

Admittedly, there were times when I almost felt fashion defeat in the hallways of my hometown high school by judgmental looks and questionable glances, but alas, my commitment to style and trendiness lived on.

I try to stay with current trends and have always fancied a more mature look than my age, but I believe fashion defies barriers and is limitless. It is not for just one type of person. Of course, we all tend to adhere to certain “looks,” but style is an ambiguous cycle that is ever-changing. It’s hard to put a label on my personal style because I am open to anything that catches my eye. My closet is not cohesive, but to me, it’s refreshing to know that the redundancy of everyday life can be changed simply by a pair of shoes or a top.

As a fresh Manhattan transplant, the city and its inhabitants helps inspire my fashion sense to grow. This actually small island (13 and a half miles long and two and a half miles wide!) is teeming with a whirlwind of opportunities to spark my creativity and drive my closet (and debt) to new heights.