September 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Boujour, Style Gurus! My name is Wendy Wei and currently, I am a junior of University of Washington, Seattle. I am still in the process of applying to the business school and my intended majors are Entrepreneurship and Marketing. The fashion industry is always where my heart longs for, with a specific interest in styling and merchandising; I would love to work for a couple of years after graduating at a fashion magazine, companies or shopping malls, like Nordstrom. Once I gain experience in that field, I would like to establish my own fashion-styling company. At the same time, I want to travel globally to capture inspirations from various cultures and better myself as a fashion insider.

I often get amazing inspiration through mixing various kinds of art instead of aimlessly copying models’ or bloggers’ looks. So this time. I turned the music on and relaxed. Feelings and moods, along with songs, lead me to pick up certain clothing from the closet and then I start playing with the puzzle. The idea of using hot pink as my “soul color” for this outfit came to mind when I was listening to “Sugar” by Maroon 5. The sweetness of hot pink just clicked with the song and the hot temperature of Seattle’s early fall in a witty way.

So I chose the orange-pink kate spade cross-body bag and shining bright pink kate spade heels. The trick here was the difference in the materials of both items. To moderately harmonize the hot pink tone, I added the purple-pink leather bracelet and the bright pink sunglasses with plastic frame. Always keep in mind that makeup is a really important part of the overall look. My orange-pink lipstick here was the final touch to eventually complete the whole picture. The black silky cropped camisole and festival high-waisted denim shorts functioned mainly as a simple, but were a great base to help the hot pink stand out. The beauty of these two items is their cut, like the irregular edge of the cami and the frayed edge of the shorts. The kashmir shawl I positioned on my shoulder was kind of playful. As for function, it does help keep the warmth during the chilly morning and evening. The textural conflict between the shawl and the rest of the summer clothing added more charm to the outfit.