Bath time: a highly unpopular couple of words among many children, dogs and even some college students. Yet, they excited me as a child. Bath time meant changing out of the day’s outfit and into a fresh set of pajamas—a set of pajamas chosen all by myself—for bedtime.

During my younger years, my mother was my personal stylist but not a very good one. Despite my tantrums to pick out my own clothes, she dressed me each morning. However, I now recognize that she was the wiser one between the two of us. She adjusted my outfits to the weather, my activities and sometimes my preferences.

A different story came by nightfall. I was the one in front of my wardrobe to decide what I would wear as I slept and dreamt. While many sleepy kids sported the T-shirt and sweatpants combo, my pajamas were leotards, sundresses and princess costumes. My nighttime garbs were representations of outfits I wanted to wear during the daytime against my mother’s will. Were my decisions practical? No. Did they offer great satisfaction to a young child in love with clothes? Definitely.

Fast-forward a few years. I have grown out of my leotards. I have given away my small sundresses in exchange for a variety of dresses. I have hung up my princess costumes. My childlike interest for fashion still lingers, but I also have fallen in love with other aspects of life.

I spend most of my days thinking—thoughts about tomorrow, the distant future, my peers, occurrences in the world and even small details all fill my mind. I also enjoy critical thinking and, with it, writing; I find that these two devices compliment each other quite well. Aside from my more internal inside, I have an obvious outward affinity for food. Just as I eat to live, I live to eat. However, hiding major food babies while still looking presentable is a reoccurring challenge. Good thing I love styling clothes, shoes, accessories and hair. I am Vivian Kwok, and I am excited to share a bit of my fashion findings as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista this 2015 fall Semester.

In this outfit I am featuring one of my favorite pieces of clothing. Halter necks flatter the décolletage area so nicely. This particular one I am wearing is a made of navy chiffon-like material, has a beaded neckline, and flows out in a double layer. You can find a similar one here. I paired white, ankle-zip skinny jeans and neutral chunky heels to bring attention to the top. For accessories, I am wearing a set of gold, triangle drop earrings, which match the gold details of my (mother’s) bag. Ironic. I once loathed my mother’s sense of style, yet I stole a timeless piece from her wardrobe.