STYLE GURU BIO: Vikka Schweer

Hey Fashionistas! I’m Vikka, a college sophomore at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I’m currently aiming for a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in English, but I’m pretty much clueless on what I want the post-college chapter of my life to be titled.

Once getting to college, I began exploring the different sides of photography. I fell in love with the simplicity of portrait photography, and then began taking notice of fashion blogs. I became mesmerized by the fashion blog Collage Vintage, which was, at the time, documenting Sara Escudero’s travels across the west in beautiful fabrics and colors. I’ve been hooked on fashion and blogging ever since.

This summer, I started a blog called La Blogueuse Blonde, which has slowly grown into something I’m proud to call my own. I started the blog mainly for fashion, but it has grown into a place where I can share my travels and day-to-day life with readers from around the world.

The fashion side of my blog has remained integral. I am, unfortunately, that college girl that will wear Chacos with any and every outfit. Given this, I don’t believe in a lot of rules or restrictions when it comes to fashion. Despite my Chaco obsession, I do believe in the importance of one’s presentation. While I am a believer that one’s mind is infinitely more important than one’s appearance, I do understand the importance of first impressions, which always includes one’s appearance. Since realizing this, fashion and style have become a hobby. I’m mesmerized and inspired by the design element of fashion, the blending of patterns and colors to create a complex yet concise outfit.

My personal style is ever-changing and largely dependent on my mood, something I used to be insecure about. I had the belief that I could not be girly one day and then sleek and sophisticated the next. I have since grown out of this fear, and have begun to embrace all sides of fashion.

My outfit is inspired by the warm summer months meeting fall for the first time this year. The minimalistic black and white color pattern make me think of fall, but the shorts make the outfit realistic in Tennessee’s hottest month of the year.