STYLE GURU BIO: Victoria Simatupang

Hello, fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Victoria Simatupang, though a lot of my friends just call me Vee, and I am currently a junior studying computer science at Hunter College. Although my major has nothing to do with fashion, I am always open to the possibility of working in the fashion industry, as I have always had a predilection for style, and I believe that there are so many opportunities in the fashion industry.

In my free time, I enjoy perusing through various blogs and Instagram posts. I derive a lot of the inspiration for my outfits from the various posts I see on the Internet, and I secretly hope that I inspire someone else with the way I dress too! I also enjoy walking through the museums in my city, reading novels, and trying new restaurants–I am currently aspiring to achieve that Yelp elite status for free food.

I have always lived in New York City and if I’m being honest, I don’t think I could ever leave. Walking the streets of the city has always been something I enjoy doing because you never know what you may see. There have been so many instances where I have seen someone wear something totally brilliant,but I didn’t have the guts to tell them that I thought they looked really good. I’m hoping that this internship can broaden my horizons and make me more open to talking to others because though I am really friendly, I am really shy.

I don’t have an exact word to describe my style since my style is always evolving as the days go by and as my mood changes. On some days, I want to look like I workout (even though I don’t, but that’s a different story) and on others, I want to look like my life is completely put together. Overall, I think the most common characteristic of all the things that I wear is that I am comfortable in what I am wearing which means I feel good wearing it, and that is of utmost importance to me. I believe that as long as you exude confidence in what you are wearing, you will always look good.

Since it’s the winter time now, it’s really important for me to stay warm but also look stylish. Lately, I’ve been loving pointed ankle booties and blanket scarves to keep me extra warm. Though it’s no longer summer, I still love to wear my Ray-Ban, round sunglasses when the sun is still bright in the sky.

I’m excited to see what this internship has in store for me, and I can’t wait for this semester to begin!